Voided PT Slab Specialization

Post tensioning of raft foundation slabs is providing many clients huge savings as compared with the conventional reinforced concrete raft foundations. The system is cost effective and has various advantages and mainly are:-
Lesser excavation required
Larger joint free slabs
Lesser manpower requirement
Construction cost is low
Quick construction
Can carry higher loads
Design of raft post tensioned slabs invites highly skilled and precision analysis as the raft carries all the loads from the structure in addition to restraint and temperature effects for consideration. ESFPT have successfully carried out the raft post tensioned design for the MANAMA MALL project in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. This is the first ever project done in the Emirate of Sharjah.
The raft post tensioned slab was laid directly on the subgrade soil without use of any pile foundation and no requirement for deep excavations.
Value Engineering conducted on this project for the use of Post tensioning technique for raft slab in place of conventional reinforced concrete Raft slab led to savings in reinforcement quantities by 60% and concrete savings of 25%.
Case Study: Manama Mall, Sharjah