Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a methodology to determine the best design alternatives for projects. The main aim of value engineering is to reduce cost on existing projects, and at the same time to improve quality, increase reliability and availability and provide direct satisfaction. Value engineering is a powerful tool used to improve schedule, reduce risk, identify difficulties and develop recommended solutions.




Project : Sharjah Mall
Location : Al Khan, Sharjah, U.A.E.
Client/Developer : M/s International Private Group LLc
Main Contractor : Darwish Engineering Emirates
Usage : Mixed Use - Offices, Residential & Hotel
Consultants : Gambert Engineering Consultancy
Project Value : AED 800M
Completion : 2014-Q1
Gross Post tensioning Area : 250,000sqm.

Project description

Sharjah Mall is a mixed use development involving construction of shopping mall, upto 30 floors of residential tower and 15 floors of commercial tower. There exists 3 basement levels and a ground floor slab.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering was conducted on this project for the use of post tensioned (PT) slabs in place of conventional reinforced concrete (RCC) slabs. The RCC slabs were changed to PT slabs, and this led to a massive of AED3.21M only in reinforcement and concrete quantities. If the time factor, manpower, shuttering, etc are considered then the above mentioned saving will be substantial.

Post Tensioned Transfer Slab (12000sq.m)

The RCC transfer slab of 2.0m was redesigned in two layers with one layer of PT slab and other of RC slab, and construction being done in two stages. This helped to reduce the total depth of transfer slab from 2.0m to 1.6m & 1.7m. Also, it reduced the requirement of special formwork & shuttering system as the bottom layer of PT slab was designed to carry the weight of the subsequent RC slab. This system alone led to a savings of AED2.89M in reinforcement and concrete quantities alone. The savings in formwork and execution were again doubled.

Project Highlights

1. Value Engineering conducted resulted in overall savings of more than AED6.50 Million
2. Transfer Slab with post tension system alone yielded savings in excess of AED2.89M in material
3. Post Tensioning Area of 250,000sq.m