Why Post Tensioning ?

Post tensioning has been widely used in slabs of buildings for more than 50 years in Europe and Northern America. The benefits that this system has to offer such as thinner slabs, more column free spaces, increase in number of floors, reduction in material consumption, savings in cost and time and many more have been well understood and harnessed by the architectural consultants for the requirement of the modern generation and their lifestyle.

The day to day increase in cost material, manpower, equipment, time limitations, etc. the traditional reinforced concrete system is becoming obsolete with the development and implementation of the post tensioning systems.

Of late, these benefits are being known to the other parts of the world and it is being preferred against the traditional reinforced concrete system.

The continued evolution of both conventional and more innovative types of pre-stressed concrete construction has created the need for engineers who have firm understanding of fundamental principles on one hand and the ability to create efficient and practical designs. On the other hand, Engineers are needed not only to be effective in optimizing existing forms of construction but also who can apply fundamental concepts with confidence in new and unusual situations.