Mono/Multi Strand

Bonded post tensioning systems are comprised of tendons from one(mono) to multiple strands. For bonded systems the prestressing steel (STRANDS) is encased in a smooth galvanised iron (GI)flat tubes (DUCTS). Concreting is carried out, and once sufficient strength is achieved by the concrete the compressive stresses are introduced to the concrete by applying force (STRESSING) to the strands. Cementitious grout is then injected into the GI ducts to form a bond, (GROUTING).



Mono Strand

Europe Strong Force offers the mono strand post tensioning system wherein the strands (upto 5 nos) are placed in flat ducts and stressed individually followed by grouting. This system is primarily applicable for slab post tensioning. This system helps in enhancing the performance of the structure with reduced deflection, improved crack control and water proofing properties. Longer spans and fewer columns are required for this system. The construction cycle is quicker with reduced concrete and reinforcement quantities and lesser manpower requirements. The above features are the requirements of the present clients and architects, and thus Europe Strong Force with high level of technical knowledge and practical experience in this field distinctively qualifies for providing such services in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering.

Multi Strand

Europe Strong Force provides services using Multi Strand Post Tensioning system. Multi Strand system is applicable for structures such as bridges, silos, tanks, etc. Multi Strand system is bonded system consisting of upto 52 number of strands of 15.2mm diameter held inside a round duct and anchored with a single Anchor and Block. All the strands can be stressed at a single time with the use of Multi Strand Stressing Jack.